Hope jobseekers find work

I was pleased to read the ‘Tiser’s publicity and support for the Erewash Partnership’s initiative, together with local businesses and other agencies, to try to create 60 much needed jobs for young people; we must hope that this is successful.

We must however not forget that initiatives such as this, however welcome, can only scratch the surface of the real need for jobs for all ages across the East Midlands. This requires a change of Government policies to ensure a strategy for growth in the economy, without which the present dire economic situation cannot be improved.

Ms Lee should join the growing band of economists, business leaders and, indeed, sensible Conservative MPs who are calling on George Osborne to change his failed policies, which are now causing not only deepening recession but also greater government debt.

Analysis of the recent employment statistics shows that the bulk of the small growth in jobs is in temporary part-time work and self-employment. The time has come for this Government to stop blaming everyone else and to face up to its responsibilities for our present problems.

Peter Thorne