Hope in fight to stop Waingroves homes

NRHNBE110712c1, Waingroves and codnor residents dont want more houses and traffic.
NRHNBE110712c1, Waingroves and codnor residents dont want more houses and traffic.

A MAJOR Waingroves planning application has hit a stumbling block after objections from the Environment Agency.

The bid by Belper-based Peveril Homes to build 98 homes in scrubland next to the village is due to be decided on October 17.

The potential 19.5 acre site has caused controversy with villagers who fear the new homes will put too much stress on the already busy Waingroves Road.

But their campaign has been buoyed this week after the Environment Agency, which claims the plan does not have adequate enough flood protection and drainage.

It says demolished farmyard buildings on the site could have left a ‘legacy of contamination, which needs to be investigated’ and has demanded that Peveril address its concerns and submit a new application.

Chairman of the Waingroves Community Association, John Stamp, helping lead the campaign to stop development, said: “It just goes to show how unsuitable this land is.

“We are concerned about traffic - but we have also raised in our objections about a number of other issues - this being one of them.

“We are waiting to see if Peveril decide to re-submit and what the changes are to it.”

The Environment Agency adds its objection to Ripley Town Council, which voted to oppose the bid at last week’s emergency meeting.

The proposals were originally meant to be decided by the 12 members of the planning committee on September 8 .

Since the submission of the application, Peveril Homes has been unavailable for comment.

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