Homes project would be wrong


We the residents of Waingroves and Codnor respectively must keep up the campaign to resist the proposed building of 98 dwellings on Codnor Common farm land.

Those people who have not already sent letters etc, have now every opportunity to let their feelings be known.

The letter from Peveril Homes which all residents will have received, has a prepaid slip which takes no time at all to fill in. Let your feelings me known, they want all these fields.

Let no-one be fooled by the wetland habitat, including a duck and enhanced paths and land.

If Peveril Homes are concerned about wildlife, then leave the land alone, its a haven for wildlife. It has been said the land is overgrown, if my garden was in the same state I would have to maintain it myself.

I believe common sense will prevail and the land will be left alone.

If it goes ahead, someone needs their brains testing.

I do not put figures on the extra traffic on the roads, some are only calculating the vehicles these proposed households will own, there will be many vehicles visiting at all times of the day adding to the mayhem.

If 24 years ago a building proposal on this land was turned down after an appeal, a re-appeal, taken to the High Court, was not enough to block it, where can they go next?

Common sense must prevail and in the nicest possible way the residents of both Codnor and Waingroves are happy to be apart. We have always been two villages, should always be so, to look out on a green fields will soon be non-existent. Right now we have that pleasure, let it be.

Miss M Pepper

Waingroves resident