Homes plan is turned down by councillors

sp92113 Field at the bottom of Adale Road, Smalley.
sp92113 Field at the bottom of Adale Road, Smalley.

A BID to build 83 new homes on farmland in Smalley has been turned down because developers only wanted to make three of them affordable.

The proposal for housing on 9.8 acres of agricultural land at Adale Road by developers Janet R Riffat, Catherine E Allsop & William Davis Ltd was rejected by Amber Valley Borough Council amid concerns from residents about road safety.

kevin parkinson

kevin parkinson

Cllr Kevin Parkinson said: “The developers only offered 3.6 per cent affordable housing, which failed to come anywhere close to our affordable housing policy of between 20 and 30 per cent.

It’s absolutely essentially we bring more affordable housing forward.”

Although no affordable housing has been built in Heanor since 2005, he said Amber Valley’s record was “no better and no worse than any other district in Derbyshire”.

Residents were also concerned about potential road safety problems on a blind bend on Adale Road.

“None of them are nimbys,” added Cllr Parkinson. “They accept the site is adopted for housing. Their concerns are about road safety for themselves and their families and 83 new families coming into the area.”

At the meeting Cllr Parkinson suggested the developer explore the possibilty of working with Bowmer Kirkland, which has planning permission for business use on an adjacent site to deliver a scheme that might benefit the local community.

He said: “Because in the current climate business don’t have the capital to grow.

If they were to get a change of use to housing we could potentially get a completely new road junction which would go a long way to satisfying road safety concerns. There could be commercial gains for both parties.”

William Davis Ltd declined to comment.