Homes plan gets the green light

A housing plan for 59 homes at Aldercar was given the go ahead- despite protests the site offered no affordable housing or community benefit.

Loughborough based William Davis Ltd won the right to build the spacious three to four bedroomed properties off Aldercar Lane in one of the most deprived areas of the borough at Monday night’s planning board meeting.

The council’s planning policy asks for 30 per cent of house schemes to be affordable housing - but the district valuer said the plan would not be economically ‘viable’ for a developer if that were the case.

The firm offered no section 106 money for community improvements and none of the homes will be rentable or social housing.

Committee members said it would be hard to turn down the scheme when permission had already been granted on the same site for 109 homes in 2008. Though developers Millers Homes never went through with the build.

Cllr Bob Moon said: “We can’t object to the principal of housing on this site as we’ve already accepted this in the past.

“But usually when we have a planning application before us we get some planning gain - but as far as I can see with this there is nothing at all.”

The scheme was approved on the basis William Davis agree to review the affordable housing provision once 75 per cent of the homes are built.

But Langley Mill and Aldercar councillor Eileen Hamilton raised a number of concerns with the build during public speaking.

She said the traffic impact assessment of the build on Cromford Road only took into account data from 2008 - before Asda and Mcdonald’s were built nearby. And on the lack of service provision in the area she said: “Need I remind members that we don’t have a doctors, a dentists or any other sort of services here!”