Home building concerns


I am wondering if you would support the fight against the encroachment into our greenfields and Greenbelt land by Amber Valley Borough Council (AVBC) at present they have earmarked 16 sites and proposed 500-plus houses on these sites, all are on greenfields or Greenbelt land in the AVBC area and outskirts of Derby.

We have gotten together and formed a group on facebook –www.facebook.com/supportourstruggle to try to fight these as each area is too small (being of village status) to fight these and we are asking the whole of Amber Valley and beyond to help us as they could very well be next.

There are plenty of sites where houses could be built and redeveloped, without using our greenland, AVBC also falls well short on the green spaces for its populous as it should have six acres per 1,000 people and at present only has five acres. It now plans to take more greenery and add more people making the deficit even worse. The sites are also to include supermarkets and industrial estates, at present houses are not selling and there are 19.000-plus standing empty in Amber Valley, there are also building projects on hold as the houses will not sell, we do not need more!

I have more details, maps etc. We need to get people in all areas of the whole of Alfreton, Ripley, Heanor and Belper in on this project as they will all be affected.

We as a group would really like for the Ripley and Heanor News to take what the local people really want on board and give us their backing if at all possible, once this land has gone it’s gone forever. AVBC are creating urban sprawl and connecting villages instead of re- developing sites that require something doing with them. If the people could have their say they would have to listen we need a vote on this.

Sylvia Mason

Waingroves Road