History DVD: Mapperley village, Derbyshire, is featured

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Those interested in local history can learn more about the area’s past — and boost a charity cause — thanks to a new DVD released with all the proceeds being donated.

Woodside Studios produced Shipley Country Park - Shadows and Shades to raise cash for Cancer Research UK.

After it was successful the team behind it decided to make another DVD, this time about Mapperley village, with profits also going to Cancer Research UK.

Mu Stubbs said: “We were really pleased with how well our Shipley DVD sold so we got straight to work on our next project.

“Mapperley – A Surprising Village, tells the story of the small village that has a Royal Charter. It was named by the Saxons, favoured by the Normans and influenced by the wealthy Miller Mundy dynasty of nearby Shipley Hall.

“Although mining has long gone, there are many reminders of Mapperley’s past and the pride and sense of community remains.”

DVDs are £9 each including p&p. Email mapperleyhistory@hotmail.co.uk or call 07557194557.

Mrs Stubbs added: “The Shipley DVD, which also features the wealthy Miller Mundy family is still on sale.

“The money goes to a really worthwhile cause so it’s great that they’ve been so popular.”