‘Help us cut anti-social behaviour’

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Police officers in Cotmanhay are urging residents to report crimes and anti-social behaviour to ensire they can crackdown on the disturbances.

Their calls come as an elderly resident told the Advertiser that she is scared to sleep at night after the window of her home on Blackburn Place was smashed by vandals.

The woman, who was too frightened of being targeted to give her name, said: “The people doing this are making our lives an absolute misery.

“They smashed my window, who knows what they might do next?

“They are targeting innocent people and we want it to stop.”

But police officers in the area’s Safer Neighbourhood Team say that they need people to report ctimes and incidents to make sure they can act.

Pc Andrew Kendall-Edwards said: “Obviously anti-social behaviour is something that upsets a lot of people but if we don’t know about it we can’t do anything about it.

“If there are incidents people can get in touch with us when they are happening and we can get there if we can.

“We want to know what’s going on and when and where so we can help stop it from happening and take the necessary action.”

Residents can call members of the Safer Neighbourhood Team by ringing the non-emergency number 101 and quoting the officers’ shoulder numbers.

To speak to Pc Kendall-Edwards quote 3361, for Pcso Julie Allen quote 4555 and for Pcso Rob Webb uote 4251.

Pc Kendall-Edwards also wants to hear from people about the team’s current priority area, Cotmanhay Road.

The team are receiving complaints about groups of young people hanging around and need more information from residents.

He added: “Most of the time the kids aren’t up to anything they shouldn’t be but people presume they are.

“If we know when and where they are we can check it out.”