Help shed light on mystery war hero

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A jar full of pennies has been handed in to our appeal, with a special dedication to a mystery World War One soldier.

The jar, full to the brim of loose change, has a special 
handwritten message attached to the front.

The dedication is to a former soldier, Horrace James Grainger, who fought from 1914 to 1918 with the 
Sherwood Foresters.

The jar was handed in at the Market Place Cafe, 
Ripley, as part of our Pennies For Our Heroes campaign.

We are asking readers to donate their loose change to our appeal so we can raise enough to plant trees to honour the area’s World War One heroes.

We are hoping someone out there might be able to shed some light on who the mystery soldier was.

We are urging anyone with information about 
Horrace Grainger to get in touch and help us 
commemorate the brave 

Chairman of the Ripley branch of the Royal British Legio,n Dean Fowler said he hoped someone would come forward and provide information about who Horrace was.

He said: “It would be 
brilliant if he still had family living in the area who might read this and get in touch.

“This is a very 
important year for all of us to 
comemorate the soldiers, 
including Horrace, who fought for us. We want to thank 
everyone for donating their 
pennies to the campaign, please continue to do so!”

Meanwhile, we have had another cash count and after endless hours of counting 
coppers, our current total has just tipped the £500 mark and would like to say thank you to those who have donated, but we still need to raise more so keep donating your change.

We have been asking 
readers to donate their spare change so we can raise enough to the plant treesto honour those who fought in the 1914-1918 war.

Our plan is to use the money to plant trees in Ripley, Heanor and Alfreton as we mark the 100th year since the start of the Great War.

We have teamed up with Amber Valley Borough Council and the Ripley branch of the Royal British 
Legion, which are backing our 

Simon Gladwin, assistant director of landscape services at Amber Valley, said the campaign was proving to be successful.

He said: “Whilst it would be nice to plant the trees in the summer, that is the worst possible time to do so. I think we should aim for the planting of the honorary trees in either October or November, which would tie in very nicely with Remembrance Day.

How you can donate to the Pennies appeal:

You can leave your jam jars/pennies with the 
reception staff at Amber Valley 
Borough Council’s central 
office on Market Place, Ripley.

You can also drop them at Market Place Cafe, Market Place, Ripley. Just ask staff for details.

At our offices at 8 Heanor Road, Ilkeston, DE7 8ER.

And you can also help the Ripley branch of the British Legion with information on our war heroes, contact us via email at, or over the phone on 0115 9446180.