Help build a giant cobweb at Heage Windmill!

VOLUNTEERS at a popular tourist attraction in Heage are building a giant cobweb — and they need your help!

As part of the Derwent Valley Heritage week, the volunteers at Heage Windmill are planning to construct the autumn cobweb outside the Chesterfield Road venue on Sunday, October 30. Alan Gifford, one of the volunteers, said it would help the mill sleep well through the winter.

It is also aimed at giving spiders somewhere safe to hide out during the colder months, while the mill is closed.

Alan said: “The web will be made from elastic ribbon and each visitor to the site on the day will be invited to add another portion.

“Our ‘King Spider’ will be in attendance to ensure everyone knows how to do it!

“This will be the last opening day for the mill this season. We will be grateful of any help to make the cobweb a success!”

The windmill will re-open briefly during the winter for a visit from Father Christmas on Sunday, December 4.