Heanor store tells of antiques boom

NRHNBE101102c1, Jane Richards at Haunted Heanor antiques centre.
NRHNBE101102c1, Jane Richards at Haunted Heanor antiques centre.

A HEANOR antiques shop is bucking the trent by enjoying its best ever trading period.

Heanor Antiques Centre on Ilkeston Road opened its doors to the public 14 years ago during a period of economic boom.

But despite recent doom and gloom elsewhere on Britain’s high streets, the store posted its best ever week of trade only last month and is packed with antiques for the first time in its history.

Owner Jane Richards is delighted with the store’s recent success.

“It’s been crazy in here at the minute,” said Jane, “The weekends are better than they have ever been before.

“The week running up to Christmas was the best we have ever had.”

Jane said she has recently rennovated a large upstairs room at the Georgian Ilkeston Road store, previously housing crafts, to make room for 15 new antiques dealers to sell their wares there.

Dealers rent space off the store to display their item.

The new room is also home to Heanor and District Historical Society. The group has a ‘mini museum’ display there which the public can view for free.

Along with other renovations to the shop’s cafe and toilets, Jane has invested more than £200,000 in the store in the past few months.

She thinks the shop’s recent success could be due to the popularity of TV shows like Kirstie’s Home Made Home on Channel Four.

She said: “I think it is the fashion at the moment - there is a real swing back to chintzy chic and vintage items.

“People are being told they need to mend and make do a little bit, so there’s a move away from the major brands.”

Jane’s antique’s store now has more than 200 dealers selling there, offering everything from grandfather clocks to contemporary craft.

Heanor Antiques Centre is open from 10.30am until 4.30pm every day.

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