Heanor’s Tesco superstore gives away 2,123 free meals to charities

TACKLING FOOD WASTE -- the Tesco superstore in Heanor.
TACKLING FOOD WASTE -- the Tesco superstore in Heanor.

The generous Tesco superstore in Heanor has donated an incredible 2,123 meals since May to local people in need -- thanks to an initiative that helps to cut food waste.

The redestribution programme, Community Food Connection, has reached its first milestone of one million meals of surplus food given away by Tesco stores nationwide. And the store on High Street, Heanor has played its part by working closely with the food redistribution charity FareShare, and other local charities.

The unsold food is given to the charities free of charge and includes fresh produce, such as fruit, vegetables and bakery products, and chilled stuff, such as meat, dairy and ready meals. “We believe no food that could be eaten should go to waste,” said a Tesco spokesman.