Heanor rocker Phil returns with a brand new album

NRHNBE111210f2, Heanor rocker Phil Toones new Shywolf album.
NRHNBE111210f2, Heanor rocker Phil Toones new Shywolf album.

A HEANOR rocker is set to return with a new record.

Phil Toone’s group New Shywolf, which he founded in 1980, released a new record called Back to the Fray this week which is available from shywolf.co.uk.

NRHNBE111210f1, Heanor rocker Phil Toones new Shywolf album.

NRHNBE111210f1, Heanor rocker Phil Toones new Shywolf album.

Phil said: “It’s contemporary pop- rock. It’s not metal. Nowadays thrash is popular and swinging your head around.

“But back in my day you came away remembering the song and what I try and do is write a good rock song. I’m very old-fashioned in that sense.”

Singer and guitarist Phil is joined by Ali Sisson on drums and Holly Carter on keyboards. Special guests Dawn Sharpe, Steve Littlewood and Darren Travis contribute vocals.

The album includes a version of Terry Bennett’s song You Ain’t No Lady and Let it Be by the Beatles.

The group plan to play charity gigs this year.

The original line-up of Shywolf toured the UK in the 1980s and even appeared on the then top TV music show The Old Grey Whistle Test.

“We were touring for about five years – all over the UK – pubs, clubs, bikers rallies, American naval bases.

“Gary Moore who sadly died this year was a really good friend and I wrote a tribute to him called Rocking the Blue Nun.”

Phil, 52, now works as a postman. He started his musical career at the tender age of six as a drummer and swiftly realised his future lay in rock music.

Throughout his career, Phil worked alongside big names such as Thin Lizzy, Paul Young, Tom Robinson and Meatloaf.

He also achieved success with his first band, the Nottingham-based Spoonful who had a hit single in 1977 with Troubled Times, which was released on Pye Records.

In early 1980 Phil was persuaded by “Big Bear” records of Birmingham to reform the band with an offer of a slot on a live LP called “Live at the Barrel Organ”.

He said: “Since the band split in 1985 I promised myself that one day I would return to the studio to re-record a CD with some of the most popular ShyWolf classics from the early 80’s and some of my new material from 2006 onwards.

“The title track is obviously about me returning to rock music after a considerable amount of time.”

The band’s new Return to the Fray release is available from the official ShyWolf website shop www.shywolf.co.uk.