Heanor pool closed due to vandalism

Heanor Memorial Park paddling pool from Google Maps
Heanor Memorial Park paddling pool from Google Maps

A community paddling pool in Heanor has been closed for the day due to vandalism.

The pool, in Heanor Memorial Park, will remain closed until tomorrow at the earliest after it was found that a glass had been smashed in it on Saturday night.

An announcement on the Amber Valley Borough Council Twitter feed stated: “Heanor Memorial Park paddling pool is currently closed due to vandalism.

“We hope to re-open the facility as soon as possible”.

It later said: “I’ve been told that the paddling pool incident was a minor one, involving a glass being smashed into the pool on Saturday night. However the pool has had to be drained to ensure all the glass is removed.

“We check every day to ensure the paddling pools are safe to use.

“We are hoping it will re-open again tomorrow.”