Heanor homes plan gets permission - this time

PLANNING board councillors granted permission to build seven new homes at a former pub site in Heanor – despite developers knocking the Cross Keys down without prior consent.

Isle of Man company DHOW NWI Trading Ltd demolished the pub in November, even though the law states developers must be granted permission to do so by a planning authority.

But on Monday night’s Amber Valley Borough Council planning committee, councillors gave the bid for seven family homes with driveways on Derby Road the go-ahead.

Officers said it would not be ‘expedient’ to press further legal action against the company as this permission would have likely been granted anyway.

However Labour Councillor Paul Jones, who abstained from voting on the matter, was concerned the borough council would become a ‘soft touch’ for developers if the plan was granted.

He said: “It’s a case of cart before the horse here.

“I think it’s about time this council showed we can’t allow developers to run rough-shod over us.”

Other concerns were raised during public speaking about the increase in cars parked to the rear of the properties.

Attempts have been made to contact the developers.