Heanor football club joins family’s life-saving campaign

Lia Kellogg (centre) presented the defibrillator to Heanor Town officials.
Lia Kellogg (centre) presented the defibrillator to Heanor Town officials.

A Heanor football club has been given a gift of life-saving medical equipment by the family of a man who died playing for a neighbouring side.

Heanor Town FC were presented with a defibrillator on Wednesday, October 19, by the Kellogg family.

With this equipment now readily available at the Town Ground it will enable the club to help prevent sudden death due to heart conditions.

Manager Glen Clarence said: “Heanor as an area will benefit from the equipment. Let’s hope we never need to use it, but if it is ever needed then there is a defibrillator here that could potentially save somebody’s life.”

“I don’t think words can say how grateful we will be, we are eternally grateful, it is absolutely amazing that the Kelloggs chose us.”

The family have been pushing for improved safety measures at football grounds ever since Joe Kellogg died at the age of 26 during a pre-season training session with Borrowash Victoria AFC in 2011.

Following the death of Dan Wilkinson, a young defender playing for Barnsley side Shaw Lane Aquaforce FC last month, Joe’s sister Lia has launched a petition calling on the Football Association to provide a defibrillator at every football ground in the country.

Glen said: “The impact of losing a friend, team mate or relative is life changing.

“The money that is involved in football, a defibrillator costs a minimum of £800-900 and that is one minute’s wages for somebody.”

To sign Lia’s petition, go to http://bit.ly/2coUtjz.