Expert fitness coach says Somecotes studio is a big hit

Expert fitness coach Paul March.
Expert fitness coach Paul March.

Since opening for business at the start of January, the Compound Fitness Performance Studio in Somercotes is proving a big hit with customers.

The studio, part of Amber Valley Fitness Centre, has been offering its services to around 40 clients so far, with tailored support to help them get fitter, faster and stronger.

Director Paul March said: “Many people want a personal trainer to help them get the results they want, but that comes at a premium, usually at least £40 a session.

“At the Compound Fitness Performance Studio, people are getting top quality strength and conditioning in small groups, two or three times a week and this works out far more affordable and effective than once a week one-on-one personal sessions.”

Paul began his career as a PE teacher in Nottingham, but went on to enjoy great success in elite sport as an expert strength and conditioning coach.

He had worked with New Zealand Premiership rugby teams, the England Women Sevens World Cup squad and junior tennis star Freya Christie, and is praised by British and Irish Rugby Lions legend Sir Ian McGeehan.

Since opening the studio, Paul says he has been overwhelmed with the interest and enthusiasm of clients.

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