Derbyshire dementia rise

Figures released today (Monday) have revealed an increase in the number of people in Derbyshire that have been diagnosed with dementia.

Diagnoses rose from 3,937 cases in 2011 to 4,385 last year as the Alzheimer’s Society warned half of people that are living with dementia aren’t receiving the support, benefits and the treatments that are often available.

It is estimated 10,299 people live with the condition in the county which has a diagnosis rate of 42.6 per cent.

Across the East Midlands there are now 25,900 people diagnosed with the condition – an increase of over 2,500 since last year. There are thought to be another 32,000 people who are living with the condition in the East Midlands, but who aren’t diagnosed. The new figures reveal national variations ranging from a diagnosis rate of 32 per cent (East Riding of Yorkshire) to 75 per cent (Belfast).

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