Baby discharged from hospital had needle in hand

THE surprise baby born in the street was discharged from hospital with a needle still in his hand.

Now, Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has apologised to parents Jane and Gary Eadie. The couple, from Langley Mill, noticed a tube sticking out of the hand of little James after taking him home from the Royal Derby Hospital.

Gary, 56, said he noticed the tube poking out from bandages.

The tube was attached to a needle that was stuck in his hand. A local GP was called and removed the tube.

A spokesman for the trust said: “As soon as we became aware of what happened we apologised to the family. “Part of the discharge process for babies is to remove cannulas which are no longer needed. Regrettably, on this occasion a mistake was made. “Patient safety is our number one priority and now we are aware of this, we are looking at why this happened and will be taking appropriate action.”