Group has four sets of twins

NRHNBE110617a1, Heage village hall playgroup have 4 sets of twins.
NRHNBE110617a1, Heage village hall playgroup have 4 sets of twins.

A PLAYGROUP in Nether Heage can be forgiven for seeing double – in fact quadruple – as it has four sets of identical twins among its youngsters.

National statistics suggest that around three in every 100 births produce twins, but Nether Heage Playgroup is certainly defying the odds.

Founder of the group, Vicky Newey, from Spanker Lane in the village, said she has never had this many in the group at one time before.

She said: “We have had plenty of brothers and sisters in before but this is unheard of, even in much bigger sets.”

One of the four sets joined in September, but in May three more sets of twins joined at the same time.

Vicky says the staff at the playgroup have their work cut out telling the youngsters apart but are managing.

Thomas and Joseph Burnam, four, can be told apart by their height, Archie and Lily Jenkinson, three, are much easier being brother and sister. Maya and Naiamh Curtis, also three, have a slightly different physical appearance.

The best way to tell apart three-year-old twin girls Evie and Nell Collins, is by looking at their different coloured shoes!

She added: “The staff here are very experienced it would not have taken them long to get used to the names, even though there are so many twins!”

Staff at the playgroup said the siblings, who will be moving on to primary school in September, do not stick together that much and played well with the other children.

Nether Heage playgroup is open from 9am until noon on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during Derbyshire County Council term times.

The group has recently got bigger because the nearest playgroup in Heage closed down after its founder Anne Kettlewell, retired.

Vicky has two children and a one-year-old grandson, Oscar who will be attending the group himself in two years, she says.

She also looked after both her and husband. Brian’s children there.

And Vicky said she has minded children in the area for that many years some of the youngsters from her early classes are now grandmothers themselves.

Just one set of twins were in school when our photographer visited this week as the others had been kept at home due to contracting chicken pox so we hope to return.