Greenpeace warns of ‘fracking’ hotspot

A fracking site
A fracking site

A website by pressure group Greenpeace has claimed that fracking could take place in the Ripley and Heanor area, along with many other sites across the country.

Homeowners can enter their postcode into the site to see if the controversial technique to extract shale gas could one day occur near their homes.

Type in any Ripley or Heanor postcode and you are met with the message ‘Bad news, you live in an area that could get fracked’.In fact the entire area covered by the News, including Swanwick Somercotes, Alfreton, Langley Mill, Heage and Ambergate are all in ‘land government is considering for oil and gas drilling’, including fracking,’ according to the website.

A Greenpeace spokesman said: “Without your permission, or a statutory provision, then fracking companies would be acting unlawfully if they were to drill under your home. That’s because in common law if you own your home, then your rights extend to all the ground beneath it.”

Both Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire county councils confirmed they have had no applications from firms wishing to mine shale gas. The website launched in the same week Greenpeace began a legal bid to stop fracking companies drilling beneath people’s homes.