God values us all very highly, which is way he gave His son

I have developed quite an interest in antiques – you might say ‘It takes one to know one’.

I love some of the TV programmes and often record them to watch at night.

The value put on things amazes me, what I think might be worth thousands sells for a pittance and something bought for £12 might sell for £1,200.

Even the TV ‘expert’ can get it very wrong.

The value of the antique seems to be what it fetches on a particular day – or is there more to it?

It seems that things are only worth what someone else is prepared to pay for the right to own it.

This is also true with great works of art.

Sometimes the National Gallery will launch an appeal to ‘rescue’ a masterpiece from disappearing into some private collection abroad.

We are still in the season of Easter, and as I look back to Good Friday I learn a lesson about true values.

Jesus Christ valued us human beings so highly that He willingly died on a cross to ‘rescue’ us.

The whole human race was in danger of being carried off by the powers of evil but God in Jesus showed us how it could be.

Jesus lived a life that broke the deadlock of self-centredness and showed us a better way.

The value He put on giving us another chance was His very self; He died that we might be forgiven.

Did He do enough? On the first Easter Sunday morning He rose from the grave having defeated death itself.

Now those who followed Him could sum up the good news by saying, “Believe in Jesus and you will be rescued”.

For God’s valuation of you consult John ch 3 v 16; God loved so much … He gave His only Son so that whoever believes in Him might have eternal life.

John Moorley

Methodist Local Preacher