Getting back life’s zest

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Have you ever stopped to think about how you feel when you get up in a morning?

Those aches and pains or the feeling of lethargy that makes you want to burrow back into the duvet and sleep for longer?

If you really tune into those feelings and ask yourself why they are there and how you can change them you can start moving forward with your health and re-claiming the energy you had as a child.

In order to start making these changes it’s important for you to make yourself a priority and the way that you think about yourself needs to change.

Look in the mirror and identify something about yourself that you like each day, and be honest with yourself. When you feel disappointed in yourself how do you change it?

It could be by improving the quality of your diet, taking a walk outside every day at lunch, getting up from your chair once an hour to walk around and stretch.

Getting to bed half an hour earlier, drinking more water, spending more time in the company of friends and family without distraction, taking time to manage your stress levels, or doing something you enjoy.

Any small change that can build you up is positive, to move closer towards your goals you just have to take these steps one at a time. Build your goals gradually and you will have lots of time to enjoy them. Changing habits is tough (trust me I’ve bitten my nails for nearly 28 years).

Trying to change them all over night is almost impossible and leads to that feeling of inadequacy or failure.

Set yourself up for success and make it a journey worth going on.

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