GCSE results: Ambitious plans move that step closer for top achievers

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Amid the tumbling grades achieved in core subjects nationwide, some Ripley and Heanor pupils breezed through their GCSEs with outstanding ease.

Heanor Gate Science College 16-year-old Zoya Hussain achieved an incredible five A* grades and six As.

The Buxton Avenue teen will now go on to study her A-Levels at Heanor Gate and plans to go into a career in medicine in the future.

“I am just passionate about it,” Zoya said of her career plan . “I want to be a general practitioner.”

And Zoya, who has two brothers and two sisters, one of which is already working in the health service, is not daunted by the prospect of having to undertake a seven year medicine degree to achieve her goal.

“I’m actually quite excited about it,” she said.

Fellow Heanor Gate pupil Daniel Brown received a major boost in his dream of becoming an accountant by grabbing five A* grades, four A grades and an A grade IT diploma.

“I was a bit surprised when I opened the results,” 16-year-old Derby County fan Daniel, of Lower Gladstone Street, Heanor, said. “I thought I would get one, maybe a couple of A grades.”

At Ripley’s Mill Hill School plenty of talented pupils got a boost towards their ambitious career plans - including Alistair Smith, of Alissa Avenue, Marehay.

The 16-year-old’s A grades in science, English literature and ICT will all help towards his goal of becoming a commercial pilot.

Having clocked up around 20 hours in the cockpit in training for a private licence, Alistair wants to go to a flight college after his A-Levels, in maths, chemistry, physics and biology.

Jack-Henry Melbourne, of Wagstaff Lane, Jacksdale has dreams of taking on The City and starting an apprenticeship with an investment banking firm when he finishes his A-Levels.

His career path was helped on its way by three A grades, six B grades and one C today.

He said: “I’ve always been interested in the financial side of things even from a young age - I guess that’s a bit sad.

“I always enjoying going down to London and enjoying the city life - where I live it’s all fields!”

For top achiever - and classical guitar player - Dominic Currins, 16, of Lark Hill, Swanwick, a career in medicine beckons.

He excelled in his GCSEs, claiming one A*, five A grades and a BTEC distinction in a wide variety of subjects, ranging from music, to Spanish, science and sport.

“My family has had a lot of problems with illness,” he said. “It’s inspired me to go into that career plan.”

Not everyone knows where there good grades will take them . Cathy Newman, of Hill Street, Ripley, got a distinction* in her art BTEC and said: “I want to do something creative, but I’m not too sure what yet!”

Most of the teens will now be looking forward to enjoying a stress-free end to their summer holiday. Shannon Cantrill, who will now go on to study maths, chemistry, history and French at Bilborough College said she was thrilled at her three As, six Bs and a C.

“I was straight on the phone to my mum,” she said.

“It was a relief as well as all the exams are in a month - you have a lot on your mind, but it was nice to know it was all worthwhile.”