GB Olympic team join up with Derbyshire Ozbox trainers

Members of the GB Olympic team have been given boxing tips from Derbyshire Constabulary’s own Ozbox trainers in the county.

The all day celebration marked the Olympic one-year-to-go event before the 2012 London Olympics.

People were able to take part in a range of activities including cycling, hula-hooping, badminton and also boxing hosted by Derbyshire Constabulary’s Ozbox scheme and Derby City Boxing Academy.

Attending the event was two of GB members Olympic hopefuls, Derby AC’s sprinter Judah Simpson and triple jumper Naomi Reid.

Mark Smith who runs Ozbox sessions throughout Derbyshire said: ”The event was really successful, we had over a 100 people attend our stand alone and a positive vibe ran throughout the whole day.”

The Ozbox scheme is aimed at young people aged between 12 and 19 and is designed to encourage them to get fit rather that being involved with gangs and anti-social behaviour. It also gives police officers a chance to build relationships with youngsters in their area.

The intention is to become involved in a gym environment that is based on boxing traditions. The emphasis is on non-contact training promoting healthy lifestyles and discipline.

Ozbox sessions take place across the county with youth groups and schools, if you would like more information please visit:| or| or contact Mark Smith on: 0345 123 33 33