‘Game of two halves’ for weight-watcher

Michael Wallage, Ripley's 'Mutton Chops Champion'.
Michael Wallage, Ripley's 'Mutton Chops Champion'.

Mutton chop Mick reporting in as requested with my new weekly column for the Ripley and Heanor News about my bid to lose 10 stones.

As the football pundits say... “It`s been a match of two halves”

In fact it was going great guns, or so I thought, up until when I jumped on the scales on Sunday morning.

In fact, such a good week I allowed myself to “celebrate” with a square of chocolate.

With the great loss that I had the previous week (-12lbs) I should have known I’d not fare so well this week and I’m sorry to report that I’ve only dropped 2lbs this week.

It’s fair to say the fat lad is disappointed. The target as you know was set at £500. We’d nearly reached that in six days so a new target of £1,000 was set. I`m happy to report that the amount raised now stands at £505.

My aim of raising a £1,000 for Cancer Research UK was brought a little closer to home this week.

The competitive bearding community is a tight knit group and sadly one of our number has undergone surgery this week to remove a malignant growth.

I hope you’ll join me in wishing them a speedy recovery.

You can help me to reach my goal of £1,000 by donating to the cause at http://myprojects.cancerresearchuk.org/fundraise/fundraising-pages/michael-john-bull-wallage-aka-the-fat-lad-loosing-it-for-cancer-research or follow the link on my facebook page.

If you see me on my travels in the “Beardmobile”,give me a “TOOT” to show your support.