Funeral firm’s alternatives to hearses


A Heanor funeral company arranged for a vintage ambulance, a Morris Minor and a tractor to convey loved ones to their final resting places.

Gillotts Funeral Service, of Abbott Street, arranged for all three of the extraordinary vehicles over the past two months as families looked for something completely unique.

Funeral director Helen Ellis said: “It was the first time that we’d used these vehicles and it’s very unusual to have three different non-traditional forms of transport within such a short period of time, but it’s another sign that, along with choosing pop songs and wearing bright colours, families are looking to reflect a loved one’s personality. All three vehicles turned heads on the day and were extremely fitting because in their own way they all had special significance for the families.”

The ambulance was originallyused in the 1960s but has been converted to carry coffins, while the Massey Ferguson tractor pulled a trailer onto which the coffin was secured using Gillotts’ own mobile hearse deck.