From canals and railways


In looking at Amber Valley and Erewash strategic housing placements for the future, what has come to mind is how it must have been looked at in the past at the time of its growth, the canal system that first opened up the area, that was then followed with the rail and tram line system, with housing growing along the line, and where people had been required to work in the local industry.

We have Ilkeston attempting to have their railway station, to help commuters to work and reduce road congestion and the environment. The future housing couldn’t be much further away from the railway.

Then we have Amber Valley attempting to become a suburb of Derby, providing housing for commuters not having a railway running into the city.

Is this looking at helping to reduce or is it going to be creating road congestion of the future? Is this what is known as sustainable growth?

With the government focused on high speed broadband, it seems we are all to stop at home, that’s the way we will be working in the future. A high speed rail line that will reduce times between the city of London and the Midlands, the only problem is not all work can be undertaken over high speed broadband, and you won’t be able to get into the cities, to get to the high speed rail, with the volume of traffic on the road by the time its built. What a way forward.

Or a way MP’s and the executives of financial institutions and industry see as there way forward and way of working in the future.

NW Packham