Fractured skull killed odd job man

NILA 17-07-12 BE 13 Chapel hill Farm of heanor Road shipley.
NILA 17-07-12 BE 13 Chapel hill Farm of heanor Road shipley.

A jury has heard how a handyman was found dead lying in a ‘stream of blood’ at the foot of scaffolding on an Ilkeston farm.

The inquest heard Raymond Corner, died at Chapel Hill Farm on Heanor Road, the day after his 57th birthday in October 2010.

Mr Corner, who had epilepsy, carried out odd jobs at the farm owned by Richard and Jane Steeples.

David Henshaw found Mr Corner’s body at the foot of scaffolding where roofing work and painting had been taking place.

He said: “He was lying there with his eyes open and blood coming from his ears and mouth.

“I called 999 and the woman on the phone told me to clear his airway. I did everything I could.”

Mr Steeples, a friend of Mr Corner’s for 44 years, told the court that he would carry out odd jobs on the farm on an ad hoc basis in return for the use of the farm’s van.

He was asked by deputy assistant coroner, Paul McCandless, if any arrangement had been made for Mr Corner to paint the stables where the scaffolding stood.

He said they had spoken about it but Mr Corner was not due to be working there on the day of his death.

Photos taken by a Health and Safety Executive inspector who visited the scene showed guide rails from the scaffolding on the floor. No one could explain why the rails had been removed or who had taken them down.

Consultant pathologist Dr David Green told jurors that Mr Corner had suffered broken ribs, a crushed spinal cord and gave the medical cause of death as multiple injuries including a fractured skull.

He said his injuries were consistent with a fall from height and added that if Mr Corner had suffered a fit before his death it would be unlikely to show up in a post mortem.

Neurologist, Dr Tibor Hajdu, had seen Mr Corner at a routine appointment ten days before his death. He said that although Mr Corner had never been seizure free his epilepsy was under control.

The inquest continues.