Foul footpath plea falls on deaf ears

Alleyway running alongside Ripley Academy.
Alleyway running alongside Ripley Academy.

Concerned residents say they are at the end of their tether as their pleas to see a public footpath cleaned up and made accessible fall on deaf ears.

Residents who live near and regularly use the footpath which runs from Peasehill down the side of Ripley Academy school have told the Ripley & Heanor News that the path is hazardous, foul and 

One resident Jennifer Allen, who is a wheelchair, user told us how the sorry state of the path has led to her having little choice but to travel up to an extra two miles just to get into Ripley.

“It’s disgusting down that footpath and has been for many years unfortunately.

“Both myself and other residents have continuously contacted the council in order to get something done about the state of it, but our pleas fall upon deaf ears.

“When the hedge is cut to the side of the path the leaves are just left there, aside from this the rubbish that has been shoved inside the bushes over the years has been left 
behind as well.

“I recently went down the footpath in my wheelchair and the wet leaves and litter clogged up my wheels, the worst part is these both 
completely covered up the dog mess which also found its way on to my wheelchair.

“My husband had to spend over an hour helping clean the dog dirt and mouldy leaves out of my wheels.”

Jennifer has also had to spend money to pay for expensive tyres due to the punctures her wheelchair has received from the using the messy 

She has claimed she will no longer use the path again until it is sorted as to avoid any more unpleasant clean ups after a simple trip into town.

The Ripley & Heanor News requested a comment from Amber Valley Borough Council, although no representative was available for comment at the time of going to print.