Footpath misery for dog walkers

Fly tipping Taylor lane Loscoe.
Fly tipping Taylor lane Loscoe.

A PATCH of land in Loscoe has become a hotspot for fly-tippers even though it is only yards away from a large recycling centre.

The land on Taylor Lane, Loscoe, sits opposite a chilled foods factory and is fenced off from the road, but vandals have ripped out part of the wire fencing to dump waste in there.

A public footpath which goes from Furnace Lane to Taylor Lane and is popular with dog walkers runs down one side of the land and is also littered with various types of rubbish.

This week a nearby resident from Kirkman Road, Loscoe, has called the footpath and dumping grounds a ‘disgrace.’

Shop assistant Yvonne Broughton, who has lived in the area for 30 years said: “There is a lot of litter on the waste grounds towards the very bottom of Taylor Lane.

“There is all sorts there. I saw a doll’s pram as well as all kinds of bottles and plastic.

“It really is a disgrace.”

Now Mrs Broughton wants Amber Valley Borough Council, whose duty it is to maintain public rights of way, to clear up the mess on the footpath.

She would also like to see signs put up to stop people from using the bramble filled ground as a tipping spot.

She added: “It has been three years now and it is getting more and more.

“I just don’t know why people don’t just use the recycling centre up the road.”

Mrs Broughton uses the path up to four times a week to get to the Wood End allotments near Longbridge Lane.

She also walks her Jack Russell dog, Jack down there regularly.

She came to the News with the problem because she was not sure whose responsibility the path was. After being contacted by the News, a spokesperson from Amber Valley Borough Council said a team had been sent to clear up the footpath. However the ownership of the nearby patch of land remains a mystery.

If the owner can be traced a section 215 order could be made to them by the council to force them to clear the land up.

If you have spotted fly-tipping then call Amber Valley Borough Council’s switchboard number of 01773 570222 and the operator will be able to put you through to an officer who can deal with the problem.