Fly-tippers dump at castle

Fly-tipping at Codnor castle prompts resident Cheryl Parkin to speak out
Fly-tipping at Codnor castle prompts resident Cheryl Parkin to speak out

A shocked resident has hit-out at unscrupulous fly-tippers after a pile of waste was dumped just metres away from the stunning Codnor Castle.

Cheryl Parkin, of Codnor Park, was taking a stroll up to the historic ruins this week when she noticed the ghastly pile of waste which had been left.

The pile – comprising of an olive green bathroom suite, yellow tiles, a pink carpet, and several boxes from Wickes – was dumped in the middle of a public byway, blocking access to the castle.

Cheryl said: “It saddens me that somebody could just dump this, without the slightest consideration for the landscape or the environment.

“It is such a special place, and the lovely view has been completely spoiled by the horrible pile of waste.

“I was hoping for a pleasant walk, but ended up going home feeling very angry.

“It is just 150 metres from the castle too. I couldn’t believe somebody would be so selfish.”

Rokia Brown, chairman for the Codnor Castle Heritage Trust, said the waste had been dumped in a field belonging to landowner, Harold 

She said that Amber Valley Borough Council has now taken responsibility for the pile and are supposed to be clearing the waste soon.

Rokia said: “For everybody involved with the castle, it is very upsetting.

“All we try to do is make the area as pleasant as possible. Then for somebody to come along and do something like this, it just breaks your heart really.”

She added: “It’s a conservation area too, which makes this even more despicable.”

Rokia said she believed the waste which had been dumped was domestic – and not that of a plumber or 

She said: “Tradespeople have been known to fly-tip in the area. But they usually just dump their waste in lay-by’s – it’s not usually this close to the castle.”

Rokia added: “If you know who might be responsible for dumping this waste please either contact the police, the council or ourselves. We need to get on top of this blight.”

If you have any information on fly-tipping call police on 101, Amber Valley Borough Council on 01773 570222, or the heritage group on