Flowerdew’s food awards

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A TELEVISION gardener has given out prestigious school food awards to Langley Mill Junior School. Organic gardener and radio and television presenter Bob Flowerdew presented the Food for Life Partnership Awards at Aston Villa Football Club, Birmingham.

Mr Flowerdew said: “This is a celebration of schools that have succeeded in transforming their food culture.

“Young people in these schools are cooking, growing and eating fresh, seasonal, local and organic food, and reconnecting with the farms that produce their food. These youngsters and their parents are celebrating good food and best of all it’s giving them what will probably be some of the most enjoyable experiences of their school lives.”

Headteacher Linda Burgess said: “We are really thrilled with the interest that our children and parents have shown in the project. We are now beginning to help other schools in the area with their food growing and cooking.”

The school now serves school meals on plates and has a range of locally sourced and organic items on its menu. Every pupil has the opportunity to visit a farm and cook in a special kitchen.