Flood victim hit by theft

Unluckiest man in Ripley, Nathan Naylor.
Unluckiest man in Ripley, Nathan Naylor.

A VICTIM of a freak flooding incident has been hit by yet more bad luck after thieves targeted his home.

Nathan Naylor, 21, from Park Road, Ripley, says his rented house has only just been repaired after a burst water main erupted a few feet away from his front window only days after Christmas, 2009.

It caused more than £1,700 worth of damage to personal possessions, including Christmas presents for himself, his girlfriend Christina Leek and his 10-week-old son Jayden, none of which were insured.

The young couple were forced to live in a hotel for three months with their son while repairs were made and have since separated.

Then on Saturday, January 15, thieves broke into Nathan’s house at 6pm, taking two expensive laptops, costing approximately £500 each.

Nathan, who works at the Thorntons factory in Somercotes, said: “I think this house is actually cursed now. Anyone that knows me knows I have always got my laptop on me. I had lots of pictures of my little boy from when he was born on there.

“Even if they just brought the hard drive back, that would be great.”

Thieves broke in through the back door of Nathan’s home between 6pm and 7.20pm on the Saturday evening, while both he and his flatmate were out.

Nathan believes the thieves knew what they were after as they did not take other electrical items, which were close by and would have had to search for the laptop’s charger, which was plugged in next to a large television.

Nathan’s father Anthony Naylor, 40, from Broadway, Ripley, said: “For this to happen now just as he is getting back on his feet is such a blow for him it really is.”

Police are asking anyone with information about the theft to contact their non-emergency number on 0345 1233333, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.