Firm inspired by youngsters

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Working mum Rebecca 
Vowles has set up a handmade children’s clothing company after being inspired by her daughters.

The 34-year-old started making clothes for her 
children for fun, but after positive 
feedback decided to turn it 
into profitable business Tilly Moo Designs.

Rebecca, who works as a teacher at Heanor Langley Infant School and Nursery, Laceyfields Road, Heanor, said she was blown away with how quickly things had 

She said: “It started off as just something I would do in my spare time. I uploaded some pictures to Facebook to share what I was doing and got really positive feedback, so I decided to take it a step 

“I started selling clothes at craft fairs, and set up my own website, as well as taking 
bespoke orders for 

“I have an exciting new idea in the pipeline – I would like to introduce a subscription of £150 per year, which would see customers receive four bespoke items, one per season. That is one of many exciting plans for the future. “

The entrepreneur, of Hunt Avenue, Heanor, creates a host of children’s clothing 
including skirts, dresses, shirts and shorts for both girls and boys.

Based from her house, 
Rebecca said it was nice to be able to work on the clothing lines whilst spending time with daughters Maddison, 5, and Matilda, 3.

She said: “The girls are my biggest inspiration, and being able to incorporate them into the business is perfect. After all, they are the reason why all this started.

“The sense of acheivement when the girls get compliments on their outfits is indescribable. I hope I can continue to produce clothes that make people smile.”

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