FIRE SAFETY: Don’t get a red card during the Euros

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With the European Championships kicking off in France later this month and temperatures set to rise, we thought it would be a great opportunity to urge you to take extra care and stay safe.

It seems we have a bit of a reputation in England for struggling in the big tournaments, but let’s hope this time the boys can bring home the trophy and we can all enjoy a summer of fantastic football while staying safe.

Whether you will be at home enjoying the games with your friends and family, or out at your local, it is important that you take extra steps to ensure your safety and enjoy a safe, emergency free European Championships.

Follow our top tips to ensure you don’t get the red card from fire. It’s easy to get distracted, especially during the tensions of those all-important Euro Games.

Over 50 per cent of all house fires start in the kitchen. If watching a game - get a takeaway or prepare your meal in advance. Never leave cooking unattended!

Having friends/family round to watch the match together? Ensure anyone that smokes has an ashtray and that it does not overflow.

Ensure cigarettes are always put out, right out!

Have a pre-planned and practiced escape plan that anyone staying over knows too.

If you are celebrating with a BBQ, have a responsible person nominated to keep everyone safe.

If you are the chef, don’t drink alcohol whilst cooking.

Never leave the BBQ unattended.

Always have a bucket of water or hose pipe to hand.

Keep the BBQ away from your house, sheds, fences, garden furniture and tree/shrubs.

If you are enjoying the match at your local, ensure you don’t drink and drive - book a taxi for your journey home.

Don’t cook after alcohol, grab a takeaway on your way home. Never cook after alcohol.

And of course, we always remind you of the importance of having smoke alarms fitted on every level of your home and to test them weekly. Only working smoke alarms can save lives.

Let’s hope next month we’re talking about our team being in the final! Fingers crossed.