Fight to keep our open land


May I through your good newspaper remind the residents of Waingroves and Codnor to send letters opposing the latest planning application to build (which will disrupt all our lives), to the council as soon as possible, a couple of lines will suffice.

The last time Bowmer & Kirkland applied to build some years ago a campaign was fought and won by the residents, and we had the support of all local newspapers, including the Ripley and Heanor News, we need it again please.

If this crazy idea does go ahead there will be major disruption.

This time there is one proposed outlet for traffic on a road that can take no more, as there are wing mirrors knocked off cars on a regular basis. Support the residents against this outlet.

This outlet for traffic is to be only yards away from a primary school on a bend which now has limited vision.

Children and parents will have to cross over this road, where heavy lorries will be coming out of when they start building.

Oh yes, we will have three ponds, children in the area, very many young ones will be at risk, ponds and kids don’t go together.

And where will more children go to school?

Also, no matter what anyone says about not having wildlife, these fields are full. There are supposedly no bats – come out at night and I will show you bats coming off these fields, as well as foxes, owls, etc.

This letter is not because of any selfish reasons, just stop taking every bit of green there is, that’s another reason.

Cllr Jan Cox stated, we won’t let them build when they changed the land from green – what’s gone wrong? I believed nothing that was said, and I was right.

So I urge you, write your letters, think of your children, and get them sent off, this land was going to be left alone.

If they don’t know what to do with it, the owners should not have bought it.

What’s happening to our green and pleasant land?

Any letters sent to planning please attach the reference number AVA/2011/0528.

Margaret Pepper

Waingroves road