Family fun day to fundraise for QMC

The family of a Langley Mill toddler diagnosed with neuroblastoma are rallying round to raise cash for the hospital where she is treated.

Olivia Henson’s parents, Carol and Barry, were dealt the devastating news that their 19-month-old daughter had the rare childhood cancer on Valentine’s Day.

Carol said: “Our whole world was just flipped upside down.

“You can’t process what’s going on, we kept looking at her and thinking she’s only just turned one, how can this be happening?”

The couple, of Bank Street, Langley Mill, noticed Olivia wasn’t well over the new year.

They took her to doctors who sent her for an X-ray after her cough didn’t clear up.

As soon as she was diagnosed, doctors moved quickly and started Olivia’s treatment. After chemotherapy she had the tumour, which was in her chest, removed followed by another round of the intensive treatment.

Carol added: “Olivia has been fantastic throughout it all.

“She’s been so brave. There have been good days and bad days but she’s been so strong.

“We’ve been lucky that it was caught so early and before it spread into her bone marrow.”

Neuroblastoma is described as the most common cancer in infancy, with an annual incidence of about 100 cases per year in the UK.

The family now plan to raise cash for Ward E38 at the Queen’s Medical Centre where Olivia has been treated.

A refurbishment is planned to increase the number of beds and improve the ward for patients, staff and visitors.

Carol said: “There’s this whole ward of poorly children there that I’ve never eventhought about before.

“When you’re there and you see it you realise how much the ward is used and how much it needs improving.

“We want to do our bit.”

The family fun day will take place at the Forester’s Pub, Main Street, Newthorpe on Sunday August 5 from 3pm - 7pm.