Falling tree branch ‘could have killed’

A Selston man says his wife could have been killed when a large branch fell from a tree and struck his car - minutes after she had arrived home.

The giant branch - which is reported to have been up to 40 feet long - fell off an ash tree located on Mansfield Road, Selston, that is subject to a tree preservation order.

It was around 6.15pm last Tuesday when the incident happened - just minutes after Mark Bywater’s wife Wendy had arrived home in the car.

If she had been any later, it could have fallen on her, but instead damaged the roof of their car and a fence.

Mark,47, said: “My wife had just come back from shopping five minutes previously. If she had been standing there it would have landed on her head. It would have killed her.”

The ash tree is large and old and residents have raised concerns in the past that it needed cutting back, as small branches have fallen off before.

There were fears that bits could fall and injure children playing in neighbouring gardens, people walking on the public footpath that runs alongside it or people travelling on Mansfield Road itself.

The tree is located on the neighbouring property to Mark, which is currently rented out. Mark said the owners have submitted a planning application to cut the tree back, but this was rejected by Ashfield District Council.

He added: “The fence took most of it - that broke the fall of the tree and if that had not been there or someone was walking along the footpath, it could have killed them.”

A council spokesman said: “The owner of the tree applied for planning permission to fell the tree, however the application was withdrawn pending further inspections of the tree later in the year.

“Nottinghamshire County Council advised that a further application for extensive pruning be submitted by the owner, but as yet nothing has been received.”