Epilepsy campaign gets people talking

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Ripley campaigner Katie Powell has backed a national epilepsy charity’s call for greater awareness to beat stigma attached to the condition.

As part of National Epilepsy Week – from May 15 to 21 – Katie is backing Epilepsy Action’s call for people to learn more about epilepsy so they can help others to feel more open to discuss it.

Katie, 28, developed epilepsy at age of 14 after starting to have absence seizures which gradually got worse.

The worst seizure she has was when she went into status epilepticus and she thought she was going to die.

She said: “I live in constant fear that I might have a seizure, which can happen at any time, even when I’m asleep. 
“Despite that I’ve still managed to achieve many things I never thought I would such as becoming a qualified swimming teacher and learning disability nurse.

“People need to learn to open up and share their concerns – you’d be surprised how much help is out there. A condition such as epilepsy doesn’t have to control every part of your life.”

A recent Epilepsy Action poll showed one in five people feel uncomfortable talking about their epilepsy with friends for fear of stigma or being embarrassed,

For more information visit: www.epilepsy.org.uk.