Wind turbine plan for Shottle farm

PLANS to install a 24 metre-high wind turbine on farmland near Shottle have been submitted to Amber Valley Borough Council.

The proposal by Richard and Allison Fletcher, of Sandyford Farm, Gorse Lane, argues that the production of cheap renewable electricity will help their business at a time when farming faces economic difficulties.

The turbine comprises a 24.6m monopole with three nine-metre-long rotor blades and can generate up to 50kwh at its peak.The application says: “The proposed farm-scale wind turbine is relatively minimal in height and will be significantly smaller than the medium and large scale turbines proposed elsewhere. Where it will be visible from any public vantage points, then the size, scale and appearance of the turbine will ensure that it will not create a prominent feature.”

Mr and Mrs Fletcher also argue that the introduction of the single-farm payment scheme has made it “imperative” for farmers to grow their business in order to survive. The application warned: “Many farmers are likely to find it difficult to find sustainable opportunities and will be forced out of business.”

Cattle and sheep are reared on the 250-acre farm, where there is also a livery, a cattery and kennels. The application claims that the turbine “should not form an incongruous structure within the wider setting” adding that the “various positive environmental, economic and social benefits that the turbine will create will far outweigh any negative aspects.”

It also claims the turbine, which has a maximum height of 33 metres, will not impact on the local bats and birds.