£16,000-plus bill for council over homes plan

AN APPEAL decision which was overturned by the Government’s Planning Inspectorate has left Amber Valley Borough Council with a bill for more than £16,000.

Developer William Davis’ original application to the authority to build 83 homes on land off Adale Road in Smalley was turned down in September.

Councillors said the plans did not provide enough affordable homes on site. Residents had also raised concerns about road safety. But after lodging an appeal with the Inspectorate, the firm was given the go-ahead to build the homes in January.

This week the borough council was ordered to pay £16,000 in costs.

Cllr Kevin Parkinson, who spoke out against the homes plan, said: “My own personal feeling is that I’m frustrated and dissatisfied with the Planning Inspectorate in how they determined in favour of the developers, given the fact that the residents and the town council put in a very educated, strong objection.”

“The planning board was right to turn it down.”