Edwina Currie - “Totty” comment causes Twitter storm

Edwina Currie
Edwina Currie

Derbyshire’s Edwina Currie caused an outburst on social media today after she said women being called “totty” in the workplace should take it as a compliment.

The former MP appeared on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour speaking about journalist Isabel Hardman, who was offended when an MP addressed her as “totty” last week.

Ms Hardman, who is assistant editor of the Spectator, was insulted when the MP said “I want to talk to the totty” and complained to the Whips.

She posted about her experience on social media, though she chose not to name the MP.

And former MP, Edwina Currie, who now lives in the High Peak, appeared on the radio show debate saying that woman who are called “totty” should take it as a compliment.

She came head-to-head with author Laura Bates, who said she would have handled the situation in the same way Ms Hardman did.

Following the debate, people decided to take to Twitter to discuss the topic - some sparking further debate with Ms Currie.

Gabriella Buckingham was listening to the debate, and tweeted:’Being called “totty” in the workplace is a compliment? It’s not, it’s undermining and creepy.”

Florence Izen-Taylor wrote: “Devastating to hear @edwina_currie tell women to learn how to take a compliment rather than take harassment seriously.”

Rebecca Pridmore tweeted: “Just because you don’t find it offensive, doesn’t mean other people don’t feel harassed. Your view isn’t universal.”

But Peter Burton agreed with her. He said: “Spot on this morning Edwina on @BBCWomansHour. You talk so much logical sense! @Laura__Bates just sounded so ridiculous!”

Responding to Peter, Edwina answered: “Thanks Peter. There’s huge difference between real harassment and some outdated but friendly remark.”

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