What did the children have to say about it all?

Marlpool youngsters took a trip to a curry house as part of a term-long project aimed at expanding their horizons and improving school life.

The Clean Green Cool School project has seen the year five and six pupils experience a number of things they may have never tried before as part of a mission to make the school a more harmonious learning environment.

On Monday, June 11, teacher Kelly Hersey took the youngsters to Nirvarna curry house on Derby Road, Heanor, to try out Indian cuisine.

She said: “Some of the children hadn’t tried Indian food before, so we though let’s give them a new experience. Let’s open their eyes and if they like it maybe their parents will take them there as well.”

The Clean Green School project began as an environmental and social project, which first looked at the school itself and ways the youngsters could improve it. It was about looking at making the “community” of the school more “peaceful and respectful,” Mrs Hersey said.

Children started by mapping out the school grounds in lessons and picked out areas in need of improvement.

Youngsters noted places where there were not enough trees, where there were nettles growing, litter and areas of the school field they were currently not allowed to play in.

They then wrote to the head teacher Mary Hill to see if they could get their plans put into action, using skills they had picked up through their English lessons in persuasive writing.

Then the children looked at ways they could improve the sense of community in the school.

They tried new foods and even had a go at new practices such as yoga and meditation, which Mrs Hersey says have been a huge success.

“It’s just about getting them to reflect and think, and contemplate,” she said. “They love it. Some have asked for a lunch time club to keep doing it.”

The children also learned more about where their food comes from, by growing their own salad vegetables, which will soon be used in the school canteen.

Overall Mrs Hersey said the children have taken to the new experiences well.

“I think they have learned what it means to be part of a wider community now,” she said.

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