Video: Your views on teachers’ strike

Shoppers and stallholders in Heanor market place gave their opinions on strike action by teachers when The News conducted a small poll on Friday September 20.

Teachers in England announced two one-day regional strikes next month, with a national walkout planned for later this term.

The two main teaching unions, the NUT and NASUWT, said they would only call off their rolling programme of industrial action if the education secretary, Michael Gove, agreed to meet them to seriously discuss pay and pensions.

Stallholder Steve Dilks said: “I am sympathetic because of the type of job they have to do. I would hate to be a teacher and deal with some of the youths of today. Smaller classes and more control are what’s needed.”

Amy Measures, 18, who plans to become a teacher herself, said: “It’s hard for them to go on strike but I think they have to - to maintain educational standards. Something has got to be done. The Government keeps changing the goalposts.”

Shopper Ellie Winfield said: “I support the teachers but children have a right to education too. I am sure teachers don’t take striking lightly. Striking is a last resort.”

Susan Hollingsworth, who works at a pre-school, had no sympathy for the teacher’s pleas.

She said: “I don’t agree with them striking - they have enough time off as it is. My little girl goes to Heanor Gate School and they are having a day off on Friday - but they have only been back two weeks.”

Mr Gove responded by saying the unions’ actions would damage children’s welfare, and that he would happily meet the union leaders “to try and get them to see the errors of their ways”.

Teachers will strike on 1 October in all local authorities in the east of England, the east and West Midlands and Yorkshire and Humberside, the NUT and NASUWT said.

This will be followed by a strike on 17 October in the north-east, south-west, London and the south-east.

The action will be followed by a further one-day strike across all of England before Christmas.