Mystery man treats kids at McDonald’s

Burger-loving students have launched an appeal to find a mystery-man who kindly treated them to lunch as they were on their way back from a school outing.

The youngsters from Alfreton Park Community Special School, on Wingfield Road, had been to the B&Q store at Somercotes with teaching assistants to buy plants and goods for their school garden when they visited nearby McDonald’s.

But to their amazement, a very generous man in the drive-thru at the restaurant passed on £40 to staff to pay for the students’ lunch.

Dep headteacher Rhys Hancock said: “We want to say a big thank you. This man was just passing through and they could be from anywhere but we’d like to invite them to the school so the youngsters can thank them in person.

“We’ve been doing work on random acts of kindness and Samaritans and this is a chance to celebrate that sort of kindness.”

Staff at B&Q had also treated the youngsters to a massive discount for their plants which were reduced from about £4 to 50p each. The sixth-form special needs students had gone shopping to develop their social skills.

Mr Hancock added: “We’re very much about taking our students into the community and as a special school we’ve an obligation to make sure the community develops an awareness of our students and it’s very nice for them to have been recognised with kindness.”

Students have also put together a thank you letter for McDonald’s to put up in the restaurant in the hope the mystery benefactor may return and spot it. The man, who was driving a big car - possibly a Jaguar - is also urged to call Mr Hancock at the school on (01773) 832019 so the school can personally thank him.