Lights, camera, action for pupils

“We are putting a map of the world up to see where the furthest viewer of our film is from,” said volunteer Jane Wells.

“We want to get people from all over the world to comment and vote,” she said on the film made Mundy Junior School in Heanor about its dream of creating a community garden.

The film was shot in one morning and edited by Jane’s 17-year-old son Chris. It features mock-ups using cardboard boxes and a computer-generated image of what the finished garden will look like. Local firms donated seating and paper for posters and fliers. Jane estimates the biggest cost in creating the garden will be a £7,000 fence between the sports field and the garden, and over £3,000 for the shed and polytunnel.

Headteacher Kelvin Gibbs said: “It has been a dream for ten months. We already have a school allotment and this seemed to be the next step.”

An important element, he said, was involving members of the community who could pass on their skills to the children and forge greater understanding between the generations. He added that gardening includes different aspects of curriculum from practical life skills, to the science of insulating and fertilising the soil, to the maths of buying seed and selling produce on a market stall.

The school is competing for a £6,000 grant and is now urging people to vote for its bid on the Natwest Community Force website. This week the website crashed – overwhelmed by the sheer volume of votes being cast.

A display showing the plans is has been posted in Heanor town centre as well as the film on Youtube.