Horizons broadened at Ripley school

'Super' learning day at Mill Hill School included learning how to handle birds of prey!
'Super' learning day at Mill Hill School included learning how to handle birds of prey!

Lessons in making Indian food and handling birds of prey were on the timetable for students at Mill Hill School as part of a ‘super’ learning day.

The regular timetable was suspended for all students at the Ripley school as they took part in a range of activities designed to give them a variety of different experiences.

Students made chapatis, played ‘boccia’, blind football and sit-down volleyball, created hanging African decorations, had a go at origami and were given a Slovenian, Polish or German language lesson.

Some students also began applying for work experience and in Science, a debate about the legalisation of cannabis was held.

Kerry Brown, curriculum area leader in science and maths, said the students really enjoyed the day.

She said: “It’s an enrichment day designed to give them different experiences with a social and cultural spin. Playing sit-down volleyball and blind football raises their disability awareness while other activities had a focus on the wider world, which is something that we wanted to concentrate on.

It’s all about broadening their horizons and giving them a different perspective. They really enjoyed the day and responded well to it.”

Student Luke Bartlam, 12, said handling a bird of prey was a great experience.

He said: “I really enjoyed that, I wanted to stay in that lesson all day. It was very interesting and I learnt a lot from it.”

Robin Pardo Roques, curriculum area leader for modern foreign languages, said the aim in his department was to give students the chance to try learning a language not taught in school.

He said: “We’ve had some people in from the University of Nottingham and they have been teaching us the basics in Slovenian, German and Polish. The languages are quite different to the ones they learn in school and they have responded really well. They’ve got a lot out of it.”

Curriculum area leader for ICT, business and economics, Chris Endacott, said the day had been a great success.

He said: “The objective is to let the students sample activities and subjects that are not part of the curriculum but are important in their development. It’s been a really good day and we’ve had some great feedback from students.”