Government education reforms opposed

Derbyshire County Council has voted to oppose Coalition Government proposals that could radically change the way schools work.

Proposals under consideration include allowing companies and other agencies to make a profit out of running schools as well as allowing each school to set its own term time.

But following a debate at a recent council meeting county councillors voted to oppose these proposals.

Councillor Kevin Gillott, Derbyshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, said: “I’m fully committed to the model of education we’ve spent years building up in Derbyshire.

“We have a system that works with schools with the aim of ensuring that all of our pupils get the best education possible.

“That includes co-ordinating term times so that parents with children at more than one school are best placed to manage their child care arrangements during school holidays.

“I’m also firmly of the view that the money the taxpayer gives to our schools is there to pay for the education of the pupils and that making a profit out of educating our children isn’t part of our plans for schools.”

Opposition councillors did not support the vote taken at the meeting on Wednesday 24 July.