Bike safety training for junior pupils

Pupils at Kilburn Junior School are gearing up for Bikeability Day, which will see them participate in training to promote road safety on their cycles.

Reporter Rickee Bhardwaj spoke to headteacher Nigel Pratley to see why the scheme is so important to youngsters there.

Mr Pratley said year six pupils would be bringing in their own bikes for the scheme. He continued: “We will beg and borrow where we can as we want as many children involved as possible. “The day is a chance for the children to learn how to look after their bikes as well as learning important road sense to keep them safe.”

The scheme will see four trainers from First Grade Training, teaching 27 children, basic bike skills in the school playground.

They will then go out on to the roads outside the school for road safety training.

Here they will be able to try out the manoeuvres and skills they have leant during the day.

Mr Pratley said the training had taken place at the school for many years.

He continued: “We think this scheme is very important as many of the children are just beginning to learn to ride their bikes and we want to help develop those skills.

“The scheme has also been popular with parents who are happy that their children are learning practical skills for bike riding and safety.”

The training will take place tomorrow, Friday, May 25.

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